Attention artists: our 2018 label will be exclusively coordinated this year with the New York Academy of Art. We are proud to be providing a scholarship for a first year student. We plan to host an open call label contest to all artists for a 2020 label, so please stay tuned! Details will most likely be similar to the rules of our 2017 label contest which we have included below.  

We are accepting submissions for our 2017 Ozymandias Wines label! Email us at If you are an artist over the age of 18, and want to submit your label design please read our SUBMISSION GUIDELINES and RULES.

This is your chance to receive $5,000 in funding towards whatever art project you dream of completing. Furthermore, you get the chance to have a rendering of your project showcased on the front label of Ozymandias Wines' 2017 release. We encourage you to focus on creating a wine label submission which features a vision or representation of the project you wish to complete with the potential funding; don't worry about forcing a wine theme or vineyard motif. The wine is in the bottle and will speak for itself...the label is about your art. Another way to look at this contest is the potential opportunity for your art project to receive exposure by being featured on the front label of an artisan wine, and in addition you will receive $5,000 to help complete your work.

We encourage you to visit a wine store to explore and study various wine labels for some motivation or idea starters.

Entry deadline is 11:59 PM EST on February 12th, 2017.

All artwork should fit on a 3 x 4 inches label and must be submitted as .tif , .jpg or .pdf format at 300dpi.

This contest is open to all media and forms of art including, but not limited to: painting; performing arts; film; sculpture; photography; conceptual art; ceramics; architecture; video art. If your craft or medium is not listed here, please submit anyway.

Criteria for judging labels is two fold: first and foremost the aesthetics of the label submission; secondly the potential merit of the art project which will receive the $5,000 award.

It is up to the artist to convey a rendering of their project onto a wine label. It is note required, but we encourage you to incorporate the Ozymandias Wines logo into your label design, which you can grab here:



The winning label will receive funding specified for the submitted project. The 2017 beneficiary will receive $5,000.00.

The winning artist will also have their label and work featured at Ozymandias Wines events throughout the respective release year of their featured wine and possibly in future Ozymandias Wines events.

The prize will be awarded through a 1099 form with compensation to the prizewinner as an independent contractor.



we recommend artwork fitting on a 3 x 4 (width x height) inches label, but you can vary this. Artwork must be submitted as .tif , .jpg or .pdf format at 300dpi.

Send submissions to



When you email your label submission, please share with us what makes your art project special and worthy of funding by our wine artisans and our wine enthusiast consumers. We kindly ask you to keep your story to under 500 words, as we will have a lot of entries to read. At the current time we do note require a submission fee for entries, and we hope to keep it such by not overwhelming our volunteer staff. Wet our appetites enough with your elevator pitch, so we can hopefully dive-in with you fully at a later time.



Winning artist must be 18 years or over as of April 1, 2017.

The winning artist will be required to assign copyright of their submitted label art work and final produced label to Ozymandias Wines.

The copyright for all other artist's works exhibited through Ozymandias Wines and the winning artist's project receiving funding by Ozymandias Wines will remain the property of the artist, but as a condition of entry into the label contest the artist and their representatives agree Ozymandias Wines may unconditionally reproduce any exhibited works through Ozymandias Wines, label submissions, final label productions, and associations of Ozymandias Wines with the artist's benefiting project, free of charge, for the purposes of merchandise, promotion, marketing, education, in all media worldwide including but not limited to Ozymandias Wines wine bottles and packaging, retail marketing, internet, television and all video, posters, mailers, postcards, prints, print publications, artwork may be displayed and/or broadcast for any purpose in any and all media now known or herafter developed throughout the world, without limitation as to the duration or feequency of use and may license these rights to others for the same or similar purposes.

Ozymandias Wines reserves the right to award the prize.

Entry deadline is 11:59 PM EST on February 12th, 2017.

There is no limit to the number of label submissions per person (please make multiple submissions unique).

The decision of the judges is final and no appeals, correspondences, or disputes may be made.

The original work of your label submission will be property of Ozymandias Wines and may be displayed or auctioned/sold at a later time to raise funding for future artists.

Applicants will be notified of the winner via email through the email address used for submission.



What if I want the prize money to go towards a charity?

This is perfectly acceptable. If selected, you can have the prize money go towards a charity to help raise awareness for a cause to help fund said charity.


Am I allowed to use the prize money for tuition to an art school?

Yes, if selected you may use the prize money to further your education in art.


What if my label design concept does not work on a 3 x 4 inch label?

We don't want to limit creativity here, but we do need to consider how the label will be attached to and look on the wine bottle. 3 x 4 inches is ideal, but we can stretch this within reason. Email us your concept and proposed size and we will do our best to work with you on it, if your concept is selected. We recommend you create a spec design of your label size to see how it might look on a standard wine bottle. Also, we encourage you to examine other wine labels to study how their various sizes work with placement on a bottle.


Is the contest open to faculty of an art school?

Yes, all are welcomed to enter.


Is the contest open to students?

Yes, as long as you meet the age criteria.


Is it Okay to use different colors in the label submission?

Yes, all colors are Okay to use.


What does the label image need to represent philosophically?

The label image should represent a rendering or be symbolic of whatever project the winning artists intends to complete with the awarded funds. For example, the 2016 artist intends to use the funding for a documentary film on sleep. Her design portrays this film project through the label image with the closed eyes, and she played around with representing the conscious and unconscious worlds through splitting the label in half – the top half has a white background while the bottom half has a black background. This also juxtaposes nicely with the image of the grape vine roots, which represent the unseen world of the vineyard, so she did incorporate a wine theme into her design, but as stated previously this is not necessary and will not factor into selection.

Other artists have asked if the awarded funding could go to a charity like Greenpeace, which it most certainly can. This would be an opportunity to use the label image to represent or be symbolic of the charity. In the case of Greenpeace the label design might be imagery of a forest, or the ocean or arctic glaciers, etc.


Is it Okay to use the award to help exhibit and existing and already completed project?

Yes, please just let us know how the funds would be allocated, and share information on the exhibition and project.


When will the prize be delivered?

The goal of Ozymandias Wines is to help artists create art, and we also want ensure the submitted project, which has been selected to receive funding, comes to fruition and is completed. Delivery of the prize/funding will depend on the specifics of the project and when funds are most needed. Some projects may require purchasing of equipment, so a certain level of funding will be needed upfront. Other projects will receive the prize/funding in increments to ensure certain benchmarks moving towards project completion are met. The goal is to get the winning artist funding as quickly as possible and ultimately the timing will be up to said artist by how quickly progress on the winning project is made.


If you have previously won the Ozymandias Wines Label Award, are you eligible for winning again?

Yes. Past winning artists are eligible for future contests.


Do I need to worry about putting the wine name, year of the wine (vintage) or any information about the grapes (varietals) on the label?

No. We take care of that for you.


If you have anymore questions, please send them to